THE SELECTION OF THE TOPIC FOR RESEARCH BEGAN with my experience with student teacher ratio in my school. I observed that most of the classrooms had more than 70 students, in fact some of the classes even have 80 students. With new rules of Right to Education especially the new pattern of evaluations, lot of importance on stress free education, continuous and comprehensive evaluation, remedial teaching and no detention policy from 1st to 8th standard, there was an urgent need to take steps to do something drastic to help the teachers change their teaching style. It was required that the teachers must transform their way of teaching, bringing in new techniques to meet the challenges of teaching the new generation, twenty first century students, to shape their personalities, to prepare them  to face the challenges of the 21st century.

When a teacher has to work with students to prepare them to be promoted to the next level and  pay more attention to the academically low performing students, there is a need that each student gets individual attention of the teacher.

Is it possible with a teacher student ratio of one on seventy?


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