3 wheelchairs donated today at KES’ Sri T. P. Bhatia College Conference Room by ACI Dr. Girish Trivedi Rtn Bharat shah and team.



    • Thanks mam. This is the eighteenth chair donated in last 5 years. Out of which 7 are given to our own school students and rest to outsiders from all walks of life. The inspiration was Aruna a handicapped girl below waist whose mother used to carry her to school and this child in std 5 came to me for admission in 2005 as she was removed from her primary school. The enthusiasm in this very poor family to educate this Girl changed everything for us in school. Today this girl has completed MSc IT in our institution and preparing for CIVIL services, banks etc under our guidance. We have a team of doctors, social workers institutions like rotary club who have helped to get these electronic wheel chairs costing Rs 80000 plus. Over these years we have seen several social workers businessmen from India and abroad politicians ngos join us in this endeavour. We just find the recipient of chair, then announce in our group and always have found donors within no time. Thanks to Dr Girish Trivedi and his ngo ACI.

  1. Thank you so much, Sangeeta. A great evidence what a sensitive Principal can do beyond her expected responsibilities in spite of her hectic schedule. I hear so many Principals lamenting about lack of time which also is a fact. You prove that you can find time. And also how one act can lead to many ripples. Thank you Sangeeta, for the great work you do. You’re an inspiration. I’m sure there are so many in this group who keep doing great work. Please keep sharing so that we all get inspired by each other.


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