Experience shared with The third Asian conference on society , Education & Technology.


Expirence shared with The third asian conference on society , Education & Technology

Experience shared with The third Asian conference on society , Education & Technology.

Organized by the International Academic forum in affiliation with global university partners

held at the art center kobe. ( October 21-25 , 2015 )

Research paper presentation at iafor kobe. 25th October 2015.
Researchers. Academicians and educationist from all over the world were present. From Japan Phillipines. Singapore. China.  Australia. U.k. Arizona. Ohio. Washington.   Isreal. Hungary. Hong Kong.  korea. South africa. Indonesia.  India from Assam Orissa Chennai Nagpur Delhi and Mumbai.
The Karate presentation by the Japanese children on the first day was spell binding. People’s discipline and courtesy was the most amazing aspect I found. The various papers presented had a wide variety of subjects catering from school to higher education students and teachers. I found that my paper was very much up to the mark of international standards. The chairman of the session was Dr Hanan from Isreal. I receved the remarks that my research was very thorough and answered the questions…so what…after the research. He suggested to do further research on ill effects of technology use.  The timings in the entire five days of conference was very strictly followed to the last second.

This kind of punctuality and discipline is something I got to learn from them. People from non English speaking regions had difficulty in speaking but in no way was communication affected. They go out of their way to make their point understood. I saw a lot of respect for each others diversity and differences. The day we were in sarees many went crazy to click pictures with us.


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