Read and Play


Summer vacations are a great opportunity for students to master certain skills for which they do not get time during the regular school. I would strongly recommend parents to engage their children in reading story books and playing outdoor games. In today’s digital technology driven routine, it would be a very refreshing change if family can get together and spend some quality time during vacations. 

Some believe that childhood is fleeting, being bored breeds genius, and too many activities can lead to stress, loss of sleep, depression and anxiety. Ned Hallowell, a child and adult psychiatrist and author of the Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, says that when parents over-do it, kids suffer.

” Some is great, too much is a curse,” he says, nothing that childhood is supposed to be about ” discovery, joy, time to dream and wonder, to get into mischief, tofall off your bike, make a friend, lose a friend get one back.”

How people spend their free time has a big impact on their success professionally. It is in the childhood that these habits can be developed and nurtured habits can be developed and nurtured. Each minute of life well spent is each minute earned. So students should be very careful about not wasting their precious time and sow the seeds of a prosperous life in future. So the Vacations would be considered very fruitful if a child has learnt to read well, may be indulge in some creative writing and drawings and play outdoors at lot. Joining a favourite sports programme can be a good idea too.



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