Police training 17 to 20 June 2019 PCGT Marol police training centre Andheri West, Mumbai



Dr Sangeeta Srivastava

While I feel grateful for being a part of this beautiful training program, at the end of the four days I kept wondering who learnt more? The trainees or the trainer ?

As a part of the training group from PCGT (public concern for governance trust) I was fortunate to get this rare opportunity to interact with more than 200senior constables of Maharashtra police force from all parts of Maharashtra during their 13 days InService training program and a few police Inspectors. Out of these, 4 days were given to PCGT to conduct a program that is capable of bringing an internal change in them as a person and human being too. Thereafter their training shall continue.

During the personal interactions I learnt that a policeman’s life and profession is much much more difficult than I ever imagined and what I learnt from them is that in spite of such grave adversities they still have a positive attitude and a sentiment to dedicate their life for people.

Talking and interacting with them I realised that the life of a policeman is not easy. They are on long duty hours without replacement , no proper food catered for them , the police stations are disorganized with poor facilities , superiors are not accountable , most have severe psychological disorder due to stress. They also face a lot of humiliation within department. The remote areas don’t have enough staff and they have to handle severe cases alone without any support.

There is an urgent need for police reforms, infact a complete overhaul of the system is required.
Few policemen with criminal bent of mind are thriving and they are the ones who corrupt the system.

It was not easy to crack through their heart in the beginning as they were very serious and reserve on the first day. Gradually they began to open up and today at the end of the course it was altogether a different scene at the center. Several guest lecturers were very effective. Sri Prabhakar Vartak and Smt Rekha Shahani interacted in all sessions wonderfully. Dr Harish shetty as usual was his best at humour conveying very serious messages with lot of bursting laughter. They loved sessions on India I care and memorable dramatics by Vikas Mohla, Prabhakarji and Rekhaji. I too loved to present few songs according to the Situations and were well appreciated by all.

My SVP school and TPB Jr college students presented an awesome dance drama with a message ‘concern of today’s youth’ and it was very well conveyed. The performance of each and every child was electrical and full of energy. These students were prepared by my teachers in just two days after a long vacation and I’m obliged and blessed to have such people with me.

In the way forward session the participants came up with unexpected responses ! Some are as follows :

Way forward 20 June 19
⁃ I will help village shopkeepers to keep area clean and not throw their garbage outside the shops.
⁃ Take action against illegal parking now onwards and not fear political orders.
⁃ Will make change in my nature and behaviour
⁃ I have learnt how to maintain relationships and be polite
⁃ I Will follow this training time table and train police in my Dept.
⁃ I will Not argue for small trivial matters in office or home.
⁃ I will begin my day with prayer and change my behaviour
⁃ I will leave bad habit of substance abuse myself and help my other staff too
⁃ Will give importance to time and punctuality
⁃ Give time to my family
⁃ I will talk nicely with my wife not argue
⁃ Will plant more trees in my area
⁃ Will use sorry Thankyou like pcgt in my daily life
⁃ Gr 1 Made their parliaments with cabinet very seriously with goals to accomplish.

Since the schools have just reopened after summer vacations on 17 Th June, I had to run to and fro between kandivli and Marol and this resulted in me missing some valuable sessions like Sri Subodh Jaiswal’s and Sri Shailesh Gandhi’s. I hope to compensate it soon in near future.

The trainees made us all feel like celebrities and gave immense respect to all of us. The sharings in the way forward session were overwhelming for all of us. Presence of Smt Kusum Kanvar throughout the training was very reassuring. Cookies and biscuits for everyone by her graceful husband was a treat. Along with others Ms Rashna and Yashaswita were available and helpful throughout.

Trustee Smt Rekha Shahani is a great motivator and has a wonderful way of interacting with the trainees, going down to their level and making each one feel important. At the same time not hesitating to discipline them too.

I am obliged to PCGT for this wonderful lifetime opportunity and the learning I received in this program.


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