Building compassion and inculcating a sense of responsibility in each citizen of the great country. – 26.11.19


Coming together with them to remember the day, 11 years ago, Mumbai had come to a standstill, when 10 terrorists who came to Mumbai carried out a series of coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across the city.
Today’s evening was filled with renewed Inspiration!! heart warming performances by our SVP students and artists and speeches by the Supercop Mr. Ribeiro Sir, Dr. Anand and Mr. Ishaat Hussain. A resolve to raise #Public Concern and Governance trust…we need to spread awareness, practice, tolerance, love and compassion for all fellow Indians and help the #Police with stalling any future breach in our country! Let us remember the 166 martyrs and 300 people, who were injured, giving us a message of peace for all of us!

Great Performance done by our SVP School Students.


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