Teacher Student Relationship


‘A teacher’s smile resonates with students’

If I have to talk about a teacher whom I remember from my childhood I only remember the ones who connected with me by being compassionate and who made me feel important. They put their love and care above their knowledge or expertise. I believe that no one cares how much you know but how much you care. Every year we celebrate teachers’ day and I always pay my respect to all those teachers who believed in me, who never made me feel unwanted, who were always ready to listen and who never called our parents to complain about any of us. I have tremendous respect for such teachers. I have tried to
carry those values with me when I became a teacher.

I know that a good teacher need to have a passion for teaching but according to me more than passion a good teacher needs compassion and that will make her a someone whom the students will remember always with a smile and love.

Happy Teacher’s day to all.
5th September 2023.

Dr Sangeeta Srivastava
Academic Advisor

Kandivli Education Society
K-12 School


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