Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava explains how to leverage technology for a better learning experience. – 8.9.2019


An interview with Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava, Principal, and CAO – The Kandivali Education Society, SVP Vidhyala and Shri T.P Bhatia Jr. College Of Science. She has been an educator for the last 29 years and is a Maharashtra state awardee in the year 2017.

Discussing the advent of latest technology and tablets into the education curriculum and if it is a good idea, she states that she is one of the believers of the new age technology and sees the value of it as children are fascinated with new technology. Why not leverage technology to help them learn better. Theirs was the first Govt. Aided school to get digital smart boards in all 45 classrooms for the children which has in return benefited the teachers and children.


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