Vikram we are with you…


Vikram we are with you…

India is now leading in space research and expeditions, we are the country that discovered water on the moon, we gave the world the pictures of Mars and Chandrayan-2 is presently orbiting around the moon.

I love the way the whole country is rallying behind our scientists and the positivity that our dear Prime Minister brought to us and all at ISRO even as we struggled with disappointment and hope. Narendra Modiji said that “resilience and tenacity are central to India’s ethos”, this is exactly what we as educators and parents need to learn from Chandrayan- 2.

All is not lost, maybe #Vikram has just lost communication; maybe it has landed and is it.”

So much to learn from this experience, here are five things for all parents and teachers-

  1. There is no such thing as failure or the end. Nothing ends because children fail, children end lives not because of failure but because of lack of support. Celebrate each child’s success and failure. Celebrate each child- the cranky, the bully, the restless, the pouty, the pushy, the belligerent, the slow, the hyper- they all also have positive attributes. There are many #Vikrams out there who have lost their connection with you, work with positivity to bring back the connection.
  2. Modiji went back this morning to motivate our scientists. And what a speech. As leaders of teams and organisations know when to support your teams even in their failure. Especially students.
  3. And that warm hug by Modiji to Dr. Shiven, each one of us cried with them as we witnessed it on the screen. That moment signifies the importance of touch and a warm hug when needed the most. The Prime Minister of a great nation was hugging a scientist…come on hug your child when your child needs you the most.
  4. Dr. Shiven came from a very poor family, he is a farmer’s son, and he studied in a Tamil medium school and is the first graduate from his family. So many things to learn from his journey. My earnest request to all educators- don’t write off children in our anganwadis and government schools, don’t write off schools that teach in the mother tongue, don’t write off poor children- a child is a child and deserves the best from us. There are so many hidden Dr. Shiven in our schools, find time to also contribute to our government schools, support the RTE act.
  5. Lets learn to be positive for our children because it not marks or grades or certificates that will guide them in their tough times, it is resilience and tenacity that will be their strength. Children will have many questions about #Vikram and what happened to it, let their questions become their quest and your replies will help build their scientific temper.

I urge all to talk to the kids, whatever the age, about #Vikram and let them share with you what they think happened to it. Let them draw about Chandrayan- 2, let them make art projects, let them write letters to all the scientists at ISRO. This is inquiry based learning…. lets not forget we are responsible for tomorrow’s scientists, farmers, doctors, teachers, defence forces


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