Cloth bag project – 18.9.2019


Cloth bag project

In view of single use plastic ban students of SVPVVIDYALAYA have embarked on a mission to create cloth bags out of old used clothes and donate at least one bag to the school. According to the Principal Dr Sangeeta Srivastava, “there are approx 3000 students in the secondary section and we hope to collect more than 3000 cloth bags in the first phase. The SVP ‘nature club’ students will donate these bags to the local vegetable vendors. These vendors will be requested to give vegetables in these bags to the people on a deposit of Rs 5. SVP student parliament members will help to create more awareness among the staff and students of primary section too that has around 2000 students”. The project coordinators Ms Pinki Jani,Mr RV Bhatt, Ms Bhavna Rawal are putting in more efforts to make this project more sustainable and successful.

  • To make this project sustainable students will have to follow some rules:
  • Use only old clothes and be creative in their designs.
  • Take parents help for stitching.
  • Make bags for each member of the family.
  • Submit at least one bag to the SVP Nature Club to be donated to the vegetable vendors in vicinity.
  • Create awareness of this project to their housing society and sorroundings.
  • Spread awareness in the vicinity about Single Use Plastic harm to the environment and stop its use completely.

This project is taken up by the entire school and students have already started submitting self made bags to the school nature club. The future plan is to involve the BMC staff and also create a cloth bag vending machine for the convenience of people. This project will be also taken up by T. P. Bhatia College students.


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